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Pay Attention!
October 7, 2014

Let's see who's paying attention. If you read this before Dec 31, 2014, send an email to and let us know you saw this. Please write
"I love meat!" in the subject line. One entry will win a gift card to Apollo Burger!
Community Remembers Abandoned Child
October 11, 2014

On Saturday, about 100 people gathered at Calvary Chapel of the High Desert in Hesperia to pay their respects to 'Baby Yachaziel,' the newborn girl that was found at an Advance Disposal Co. facility in Hesperia on Oct. 1.

Thank you owner Sheila Bath from Adance for you compassion.
Confession of Love
from Rachel Molina

Sure she loves her job with the City of Hesperia, but watch this video and you'll see what frozen treat she absolutely loves.
It's Chili Time

The 13th annual Happy Trails Chili Cook Off was a spicy success.

Click on the logo to be taken to a magical place and check out all the photos!

Get your recipes ready for next year.

Hi Desert Opportunity

Based on the reaction to the crowd at the REAL High Desert Opportunity in October, people may demand that Eric Schmidt headline next year's event.

We made up this little parody until that momentous event is birthed in 2015.
Apple Valley Legacy Trail

The nonprofit group is trying to
reclaim their distressed landmark for the community.  No – this is not an attempt to bring back the past in some last ditch, nostalgic reach for the impossible or to build a French restaurant. We Are embracing this truth: Apple Valley will not be recognizable in decades to come as our population continues to grow and the last open fields and vistas vanish.
Veterans Parade 2014

Hundreds of people lined Seventh Street in Victorville to honor those who have served our country.
Comikaze 2014

Our visit to Stan Lee's Comikazee was a short but adventurous journey into the world of pop-culture. We met thousands of cosplayers, took tons of photos, spoke with people in the industry and walked until our shoes fell off.

Check out our vids.