High Desert People Contest Winners!
Annie Lancaster
Kathy Montoya
Pauletta Hobson
Merri Rice
Elizabeth Marsh
Mindy Torres
Catherine Beers
Jacob De La Cruz
Chris Hernandez
Kathie Reed Martin
Alfreda Phillips
Becky Centola
Kristie Moore
Patricia Dee Patrick
Mike Crabtree
Katherine Rangel
Selena Innis
(1000th Facebook Follower)
Melissa Waldrum
Amanda Hackney
Allison Fine
Amy Bergman
Melissa Perez Gonazales
Elizabeth Dalton
Evelyn Herrera
Margie Rashidyan
Katharine Hadley
Amy Meldrum
Michael Quirino
Tammy Lopez
Penny Aiello
Cleo Mars
Starlett Hale
Rosaree Fultz
Annalicia Shirley
Mark Shoup
Jodie Frobenius
Stephanie Plummer
Brenda McClelland
Brittany Lyndsay
Ann Shirley
Gary from Hesperia
Marcella Enriquez
Kristi Baker
Mike Economou
Kathie Reed Martin
Brittney Gleason
Kim Miley
Sharon Glaze
Alex Denkers
Tracy Williams
Annalis Pitts
Carolyn Taylor
Melissa Cain
Dottie Wall
Jennifer Garrison
Brigit Bennington

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Contest Rules
1. By submitting to the Contest, entrant agrees to abide by all contest rules.
2. Contestants may have their name and photo uploaded to one of our online platforms.
3.  By participating you are informing us that you are 16yrs or older.
4. Winners will be asked for their mailing address.
5. Contestants must reside in the U.S.
6. Some prizes may be regional and may not be used outside of the U.S.
7. Decisions of the judges are final.
8. Not responsible for lost or stolen mail. If you did not receive it, blame the post office.
9. Received text or photos will not be returned.
10. Late entries will not be accepted.
11. This Contest is void where prohibited by law.
12. Family, friends and sponsors of High Desert People Productions may participate.
13. You must have fun.
14. Be nice.
Thurston "Smitty" Smith
Cari Thomas
Art Bishop
Apple Valley
"Mayors in Love"